The Pros Of Pressure Washing Pros

The Pros Of Pressure Washing Pros

Using a high psi pressure washing gun can be like using a real gun: a powerful, precise instrument that can cause a lot of damage if used improperly. Unskilled pressure washing can potentially do great harm to your plants, shingles, siding, deck, and even your own body. Inexperienced pressure washers have been known to break windows, scar wooden siding and fencing, and detach gutters and vinyl siding from structures.

Pressure washing may look easy but it takes a lot of training, skill, and focus to do it right, and that includes providing superior cleaning results with no collateral damage to customers' property. You've got a lot of options when it comes to pressure washing and exterior cleaning, but true professionals are in high demand.

Why Choose A Pressure Washing Professional?

What's the benefit of hiring an experienced pressure washing pro rather than a friend with a machine or the cheapest deal you can find on the web? For one, professionals are trained to recognize the right psi (pressure per square inch), or exterior cleaning technique for each type of surface. Inexperienced pressure washers using too much psi can cause all kinds of damage to your property, including:

  • Leaving Etch Marks And Scarring On Less Durable Building Materials
  • Completely Removing Siding, Shingles, Gutters, And Mortar
  • Damaging Plants And Landscaping
  • Breaking Or Cracking Windows
  • Unintentionally Stripping Paint From Surfaces

Plus, pros recognize the danger of high psi on fragile exterior surfaces so they offer soft washing with eco-safe cleaning solvents and chemicals for roof cleaning, house washing, fence cleaning, and other applications best left to professional exterior cleaners.

Pros Know Versatility Is Key

One type of cleaning method does not fit all surfaces. Your home or business's exteriors are a combination of different features and materials. Consider the differences between asphalt shingles and a concrete driveway. Experienced pressure washing professionals have it down to a science and adjust to each surface to avoid collateral damage to less durable materials. Pressure washing companies that stand out among the competition invest heavily in commercial-grade equipment and cutting-edge technology. For instance, if a company doesn't offer soft wash options for vinyl siding and asphalt shingled roofs, look for a different company.

DIY Actually Doesn't Save You Money In The Long Run

You could spend a lot of time and a small fortune and never approach the effectiveness of the truck or trailer-mounted pressure washing machines the pros use, and we're not even talking about soft washing supplies, ladders, or scrub brushes. Take into account that knowledge, training, and practice count for a lot in pressure washing, and you'll soon realize it's smarter and more economical in the long run to hire a professional.

Constant improvements in machinery and technology have evolved pressure washing into a trade in which amateur results simply can't compete with established professional companies that can afford to invest in the latest equipment and methods. In the end, when considering the dangers to property and self, and the slim prospects of achieving DIY exterior cleaning results superior to those of a pro, the affordable price of professional pressure washing is a small price to pay, and hiring a pro makes good sense, and saves you dollars and cents in the long run.

The pros far outweigh the cons of hiring pressure washing professionals for the care and cleaning of your Asheville area home, business, or commercial property, so contact Asheville Aqua Cleaners LLC at 828-712-3575 and be proactive on exterior surface maintenance to save in the long run.

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