The Secrets Of Soft Washing

The Secrets Of Soft Washing

Pressure washing and power washing are unarguably the best ways to clean exterior surfaces, facades, and outdoor structures but the dirty little secret that the best pressure washing companies know and that DIYers learn the hard way is that all surfaces are not created equally and some demand special attention only soft washing can provide. Pressure washing contractors that don't offer chemically assisted soft washing for less durable materials like vinyl siding or asphalt shingles are likely inexperienced and likely to do damage to fragile building materials, or are unscrupulous and will cut corners, skip, or do a subpar job on those less durable materials that are often the most important part of:

The secret is out, chemically assisted soft washing is an absolute requirement to obtain the best results where highly pressurized water can be damaging. Asheville Aqua Cleaners LLC knows all of the secrets of soft washing and the risks of high psi pressure washing, including the items and areas where soft washing is the key to damage-free cleaning.


Water seems like such a soft, non-threatening element, but when placed under high pressure, water can become a weapon of destruction with the power to cut skin and break or crack windows.

Asphalt Shingles

High psi pressure washing can not only cut and completely remove asphalt shingles from your roof, but it also removes those tiny, little granules on asphalt shingles that are an important factor in your roof's insulation function. Soft washing preserves those insulating granules while cleaning and protecting your asphalt shingles with zero damage.


Pressure washing is great for clearing clogs on the inside of your gutters but should not be used on the outside as it can damage fascia and detach gutters from the structure.


Pressure washing your car or truck sounds like a great time-saving idea, but again there is just too much power involved and high psi can cause small dents and chip the paint which can then lead to rust and oxidation requiring expensive repairs.

Lead Paint

While the power of pressure washing is perfect for stripping paint in preparation for repainting, lead-based paint is another story. Lead paint is extremely toxic and dangerous and pressure washing can send the toxic particles of lead paint into the air endangering those nearby.

Old Mortar

Old brick and stone walls or fences with aging mortar holding them together should not be pressure washed. Loose bricks and old mortar should be soft washed to avoid further degrading mortar granules and threatening structural integrity.

Stained Wood

High psi pressure washing can cause scarring on some wooden surfaces, but it's especially important to use soft washing on stained wood as the pressure and heat of power washing can melt and pull the stain from the surface.

Air Conditioning Units

Pressure washing may seem like a good idea for removing leaves and dirt from your AC unit, but don't do it! Pressure washing your AC unit can bend and damage the delicate metal fins of the unit and cause airflow problems. Water can also penetrate into the interior of the unit and negatively affect electrical circuits. Stay away from AC units when pressure washing.

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